Small Gardens

Our diverse portfolio of small gardens illustrates how limited space can be transformed into stunning environments for relaxation and entertainment. Creativity and commitment are the essential elements to a pleasing and enjoyable small garden scheme, be they an outdoor room, a space for relaxing and child's play or a dining and entertainment area.

The challenge of maximising small spaces and cleverly creating spatial illusions is one we relish - we take great pleasure in providing our clients with truly remarkable outdoor retreats. We undertake an exhaustive survey of garden conditions as part of the design process to identify potential problem areas and highlight areas. We work closely with the client to sound out their needs and preferences. We approach the many design challenges that come with creating beautiful small gardens with care and attention to detail, to overcome practical spatial concerns with inventive solutions.

small garden design ideas

Small garden design ideas are usually found in urban settings or built into courtyards. It has become no small task to fit client requirements within the limited space, such as how to accommodate entertainment zones without unduly compromising space for planting and other elements.

However, small gardens bring out the best in us, as our portfolio shows. We delight in adding to the property value of our clients' homes with a beautifully designed small garden or simply providing them with a welcoming, comfortable space that shields them from the frenzy of urban living.

Small gardens can be enlivened through a combination of features, additional ideas such as dramatic lighting, highlighting specimens, striking colour schemes and planting to provide screening and privacy.