Roof Gardens

We have taken on the challenge of transforming small, demanding environments with good design and landscaping coupled with creativity and enthusiasm. Our extensive portfolio of roof terraces illustrates the full range of possibilities to optimise the use of limited outdoors space especially in urban settings.

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Seating areas, privacy and planting are major considerations in creating a green space in rooftop environments . Careful planting is needed, as aerial spaces are typically harsh on certain species of plants, with hardy plants that can tolerate drought or those thriving in coastal areas the best options.

Important factors to consider when planning a roof garden are the weight-bearing capacity and structural integrity of the roof, the necessary planning permission, the focal elements that will add style to the scheme, such as furniture, water features and lighting. These can all transform the look of a space, whether as a tranquil retreat or a vibrant entertainment zone.

Roof gardens do add to a home's property value and provide a relaxing, multi-functional space for dining al fresco, entertainment and family activities. It is a home's crowning glory and should be planned with extra care and attention. Homeowners will be rewarded with a pleasing rooftop sanctuary they can enjoy for years.