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Our clients wanted to upgrade their charming small garden into an extension of their home, a ‘Garden Room’. They needed be able to enjoy all year round and into the nights. Both work from home regularly so wanted the ability to work outside too.

We worked closely with them to provide a design that fulfilled all their day to day needs as well as being a space to relax and ‘garden’ in. The views from the kitchen were pivotal in that we needed to align views with the design, so no vistas were spoilt by misaligned vertical elements.

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We begun by addressing the boundaries and fitted new Jackson fencing and acoustic panelling, then cladding sections with in-situ adjusted louvre panelling to add interest. All were painted a shade darker than the feature pergola to allow a slight contrast and provide a shadow -backdrop for the plants to be able to sing.

The surfaces were changed, the lower terrace and steps changed to Chelmer Valley clay paver units, designed to a linear pattern, these were laid on a porous sub-base with brushed in sand joints. The upper main terrace is a Millboard composite decking surface on top of a composite framework so nothing will rot and is stable. Planting pockets were cut into the decking to allow climbers and ground cover plants to soften the terrace.

We worked with a local fabricator to design the modular Pergola, its needed to provide shade, a framework for plants to scrabble over and envelope you so you feel privacy but also open enough to allow trees to grow through and allow dappled sunlight. Together with the clients input we developed a concept idea into a finished  bespoke, modular pergola, completely unique. Constructed from aluminium and powder coated,  all finished to exacting standards. It was bolted to underground concrete pads, set deep enough so each pad/post junction could be planted over,  encouraging climbing plants and ground level plants to soften the Pergola structure.

We  integrated lighting and irrigation throughout the design, drilling lights onto the pergola and threading through the hollow posts so no cables were visible. The lighting design was a  combination of uplighters for feature trees and shrubs and down lighters for task lighting were connected to an internal switch plate and fitted to current Part P regulation.

Plants were chosen for their year-round interest as well a seasonal flower displays throughout the year, scent was particularly important as was the ability to soften the regular shapes of the design. Some beautiful handmade Cretan pots were purchased from Pot and Pithoi as was the Cretan urn water feature, a miniature water lily was sourced to enhance this natural water feature so that the owners and wildlife a -like can enjoy.

Client sourced furniture and dressings really allow this space to come alive and truly resonant with the ‘garden room’ ethos for which was the starting point of this design. 
A really effective use of space, real collaboration with the home owner, all completed on time and on budget with a wonderful palette of materials and plants and exquisite finishing.