Roof Gardens

Roof Terrace Designer Belgravia

Garden Design by Emily Erlam & constructed by The Garden Builders London

Roof Terrace Design Belgravia

This penthouse apartment, being one of the most prestigious on the Plimsoll Building, London, N1, has some of the most breath-taking views in the Capital. The building and apartments are made with the finest materials and sleek contemporary appliances. But needed the outside space re-designed and constructed to replicate the high-end interior.

Emily Erlam Studio were commissioned to undertake the design of this penthouse garden. The Garden Builders were awarded the construction and planting of this Kings Cross Oasis.

The entire surface was fitted with the Kinley Preventa Joist/pedestal system, which consisted of aluminium pedestals and joists (for anti-fire regulations), this system supported the entire Porcelain tile terrace, the 20mm tiles clipped into position on the joist and were held and spaced exactly 3mm apart by the clip system. 

Where the Raaft/Kinley bespoke planters were positioned, these were fixed onto aluminium roof trays that again sat on the Preventa joist system. These roof trays allowed the planters to be fixed down and secured to them but also became the bottom of the planters and allowed the soil to drain, by way of pre-drilled holes. The planters were designed and then fabricated to suit the design, they were bolted together onsite to the exact design. Backfilled with a lightweight substrate ideal for mature planting on a Podium environment.

New mature and semi-mature plants were selected by the designer and planted by the GB team. A decorative aggregate mulch covered the soil, as maintenance aid, but also to tie together the planting.

Belgravia Roof Terrace Garden Design

Within the planters, large bespoke Iroko benches and storage units were commissioned by The Garden Builders, fabricated locally in North London and seamlessly integrated into the aluminium arrangement.

A stunning galvanised triple spout water feature, ‘A Place In The Sun’ was purchased and fitted into the arrangement, all within mm tolerances.

Hunza lighting was woven into the planter carcasses to allow illumination of the feature Pines and topiary, allowing this planting display to stand out against the London Cityscape. Tap mounted irrigation cleverly weaves through the planting allowing for healthy growth in the warmer months in the potentially harsh roof top environment.

All the above had to be managed in terms of scheduling, site  storage, crane lifts and weight loading constraints. Alongside a separate, huge refurbishment of the building. So a tight schedule of works with limited times and dates had to be worked out and strictly adhered to and adjusted when required.

The Garden Builders, in close consultation with The Kings Cross Partnership, site security/administration, Emily Erlam, the Main Contractor 8 Build and the homeowner collaborated to get this project delivered.

What was achieved whilst this external refurbishment works was going on, is nothing short of incredible, the starting point of the stunning design and planting arrangement, allows for the inception of the build and planting to truly shine and compliment great design. Then at the end having a client that is truly thrilled with the result (through some very testing site constraints) makes it even more worthwhile.