Small Gardens

Garden Designer Clapham

Designed By Lilly-Joan Richardson and constructed by The Garden Builders

garden designer clapham

A brilliant design & build for this Small Garden in the heart of Clapham which encompasses a contemporary feel; with a wash of vibrant colours that help distract from the monotony and grey of London.

As this was a terraced house in Clapham, all materials and staff had to go through the house which made things a little trinket; however the clients were very pleased with the whole process and we are delighted that we managed to pull off such a fantastic job whilst maintaining some peace and quiet within the house.

Small Garden Design in Clapham

Starting with the fencing; the fencing is a slatted timber which has been painted grey to add to the neutral was of colour from the paving and bespoke furniture for this small garden design. The paving is a Mandarin stone Kast White porcelain which will be handy in the summer, helping to reflect the heat to prevent the space becoming too hot with its built in BBQ and appliances. The white also compliments the fencing and the furniture provided. The BBQ and the bike storage unit that have been fitted are created from aluminium and are both bespoke to the clients wants and needs. The BBQ and wall coping countertop in this garden landscape are Dekton Aeris. The BBQ itself which features in this Small Garden Idea is a Beefeater Signature Proline. The pots that hosts the planting that surrounds the small garden design are Urbis crucible. The trees within the Urbis are Osmanthus multi-stem that when in full blossom offer such a vibrant green glow to this garden design.  

In the night shots of this garden, the lighting provides an excellent illumination of the garden’s qualities,and helping for the garden to be accessible from all hours of the day. The lighting throughout includes LED Strip under the bar. 

Lastly, the small grass patch the features at the side of the storage units and adjacent to the Urbis was a really nice touch as it is usually frequented by the clients dog. 

This small garden design was done by Lilly-Joan Richardson and built by The Garden Builders. This was another great garden landscape built by The Garden Builders, a specialist in small garden design; who are now taking consultation bookings for the start of 2023. All consultations are free so why not enquire today for your small garden ideas to come to life?