Small Gardens

Garden Landscapes in London

Garden designed by Lilly-Joan Richardson & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Landscapes Wandsworth

This Small Garden Idea was built by The Garden Builders and designed by the wonderful Lilly-Joan Richardson. Lilly is always conjuring up some fantastic small garden ideas and features heavily in our small garden design portfolio.

This small garden design is based in Wandsworth, South-West London. This job featured in a terraced home which was a through the house job due to little or no entrance from the side of the property. This small garden idea was divided into 3 zones as per the clients wants. The Small Garden was divided into a Terrace, Lawn and Storage area at the back. This garden design features a bespoke, built-in kitchen with BBQ and storage with a stone countertop and painted timber doors. The slatted grey painted timber trellis compliments the wall in a horizontal design on all sides of this small gardens boundaries.

Garden Landscapes in London

As you can see from the images, the various levels of this garden, between the terrace and the lawn, gave us the opportunity to incorporate seating on either sides of the steps that featured centrally in this garden design. The paved terrace with porcelain paving is an extension of internal spaces and is used as a dining and entertaining area. The artificial lawn positioned in the middle of this garden is complimented by ground level planting beds with two level hedging of taller Yew and Lower Buxus. The bench is positioned on one side of this small garden to offer more seating areas.

In regards to the planting, Tranchelospermum Jasminoides evergreen climbers feature on all garden sides to soften boundary trellis, increase privacy add scent and greenery. The climber are trained on stainless steel.

The seating area besides the mirror includes a rendered and painted feature wall with a vintage mirror and a cantilevered bench at the back of the lawn which disguises the shed positioned behind the wall. Two large curved planters with gnarled olive trees that add height to this small garden idea.

The pots that are located throughout the garden are a variety of different sizes to add interested and variety to the garden.

The lighting is implemented throughout the garden, with wall mounted light and spike spots.

A brick slot drain between paving tiles for drainage purposes for the terrace and an awning over the terrace to provide shade on the sunnier days!

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