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Garden Design Esher

Garden designed by Lynne Marcus & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Designer Esher

A beautiful Garden design in Surrey which is becoming an increasingly popular spot for garden and landscape designs for The Garden Builders in recent years. The size of these gardens in areas such as Esher, Surrey allows us to express a lot more creative freedom when building these garden designs whilst still fulfilling the clients’ desires and interpreting the garden designs to the finest details.

The main aim of this garden design and build was to regain the space dominated by the driveway; which in turn would help to incorporate the rest of the garden through the use of planting pockets and gravel sweeping throughout the garden.

This garden could be perceived as a beautiful discovery at the back of this wonderful Surrey home. The Garden design done by Maitanne Hunt helps to create a somewhat secret escape as you wander through the beautiful planting that not only surrounds the home from the front and back, but also borders the garden and the wooden fencing to help completely immerse the surroundings with vibrant and decorative planting. The quantity of planting also helps to promote the surrounding wildlife creating a literal buzz amongst this surrey garden design. The dark fencing helps to offer a backdrop that further highlights the brimming colour from the chosen plants in this surrey garden design.

Garden Landscape Design Esher Surrey

The white gravel that trails underfoot helps to create the perfect backdrop to bring out the colours of this garden and also creates fairy tale-esque trail to follow throughout the garden. The gravel remains consistent throughout the properties surroundings. The seating acts as a focal point amidst the plethora which offers a unique space to enjoy the outdoors. The furniture was chosen specifically as the rounded furniture is consistent with the rest of the garden with no straight edges.

This garden was a challenging one; with the planting being relatively sophisticated in order to make sure that it was all very complimentary of one another.

Over the last few years, The Garden Builders have found there has been a lot more attention for garden design in surrey and the surrounding London areas and we would like to encourage people to enquire as we are well equipped to work within these counties and boroughs to help offer our garden design and landscaping services within and the outskirts of London. If you are looking for a garden designer or just merely looking for inspiration for garden design, please get in touch with us or browse our vast portfolio of garden builds and designs here on our website.

The Garden Builders were very pleased to be working with Maitanne Hunt once again and over the years we have built a great rapport with our award-winning contracting work and her fantastic designs. The Garden builders are also proud sponsors of this years Society Of Garden Designers awards and Maitanne happens to be one of the many members of this society that we love to work with. For any garden designers looking to bring their garden designs to life, please also get in touch with us and see how we can help.