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Garden Design Hammersmith

Garden designed by Lynne Marcus & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Designer Hammersmith

The Garden Builders and Lynne Marcus have teamed up once again to bring to life this incredible garden design in the heart of London. Designed by the wonderful Lynne Marcus, the client requested an ‘adult’ linear, symmetrical and formal English garden based on ‘Arts & Crafts’ principles. The client asked for this London garden design to be accompanied with a simple Islamic twist; to help showcase their culture in a unique and beautiful way. This garden design also features a pergola, a small seating area, lawn space and this is complimented by plenty of planting including roses and palms.

This garden design which has been magnificently brought to life can be viewed throughout the house from all the floors. The garden design is based on two key axes crossing at the centre of a sunken lawn for balance and symmetry. From the kitchen area, one focuses on a copper water feature, decorated with Moroccan Zellige tiles and the other from the sitting room, focuses on an oversized urn set back qat the centre of the recycled, oak pergola which also helps to screen neighbouring windows. Copper planters pick up the water feature and terracotta pots contrast for palms. The levels were revises and York Stone was re-laid and supplemented with reclaimed York stone which was then edged in brick.

Garden Landscape Design Hammersmith 

The planting gives the garden a final flourishing touch and brings this garden design together with the vibrant colour. Taxus and Ilex Crenata mounds anchor the terrace with the lawn, with Prunus I standards, shrubs, roses and perennials in rich orange, purples, blues and whites surround the lawn and scramble up the pergola. In this particular project, The Garden Builders undertook all of the build and planting. The Garden Builders are always very pleased to be working with Lynne Marcus as she offers fantastic garden designs that helps to showcase The Garden Builders capabilities with our award-winning building and planting. We look forward to the next design that Lynne Marcus approaches us with and we wish her all the best for the rest of the year.

The Garden Builders are an award-winning garden contractor with over 25 + years of experience; complimented by a fantastic and hard-working team.

If you are looking to bring your garden designs to life or if you are looking to find a garden designer that can help, reach out to us on and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, come chat over a cup of coffee in our show garden at 259 Munster Road, Fulham, London, SW6 6BW.