Small Gardens

Garden Design Holland Park

Designed and constructed by The Garden Builders

garden design holland park

Budget: £30,000 +

Garden Builders presents another beautiful small garden design in the heart of London that has helped transform an unused space into a location of tranquillity that has given the outdoor space a new lease of life.

This garden design was created by Maitanne Hunt and helped to morph an unloved and underutilised front space into a clean, elegant calm space through introducing bold architectural Dicksonia Antarctica tree ferns to provide height and interest. Installing the raised planters enabled us to provide planting areas where ground planting was not feasible.

Garden Designer Holland Park

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The use of paving at random points, broken up with gravel provided interest and softened the hard landscaping space. The paving also allowed for there to be a steady and flat surface for the use of furniture in the garden, making it more readily available to use and accommodating to different pieces of furniture at a later date. The space is especially spectacular when viewing from inside the apartment now that it is lush and ready to enjoy. This has now turned a view from it’s rigid, urban and monotonous colours to a lush oasis of green which can be finally used as an extra space for the homeowner.

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