Family Gardens

Perfect Family Garden

Garden designed by Maitanne Hunt & constructed by The Garden Builders

family small garden ideas

This featured London garden has seen a complete transformation using imagination and award winning craftmanship to create the perfect garden for a family to relax, enjoy and entertain. A simple lawn layout accompanied by the terrific work that Garden Builders have knuckled down with; following every little intricate detail that Maitanne Hunt (Garden Designer) had put together. The luscious green lawn is framed by hard-wearing porcelain pathways that leads from a bright terrace and ends up at a pergola which features at the end of the garden to add more depth to an already versatile garden. The benefits of having porcelain as the material of choice is due to the low maintenance it comes with and remains on of the easiest surfaces to clean. Because of the way it is manufactured, they are not very permeable and therefore are resistant to frost and water and partially resistant to moss and algae growth. The pergola offers a great aesthetic to the bottom of the garden; and ultimately increases property value or at least interest in the property as an added feature.

Small Family Garden Ideas

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The planting is a work of art. This cottage garden planting design is completed by rose, catmint & foxgloves and complimented by beautiful obelisks for clambering sweet peas and clematis. A line of pleached crab apples offers an element of privacy and solitude from the neighbouring properties and the boundaries of this are garden are masked by fence to fence evergreen climber to make the cottage design of this garden as clear and as rural as possible.

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