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Oxshott Garden Designer

Garden designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Design Oxshott Surrey

Miami Oasis was the brief given to The Garden Builders when asked to design this large garden by our clients. The swimming pool was already in place but we worked closely with a pool specialist, Opulent Pools, who modified the pool to fit in with the new modern design of the garden in Surry.

Grey porcelain Emperor Urban paving replaced the existing riven Indian sandstone to give a sleek shiny flooring. While Composite Millboard decking in the two lounge areas brings definition to the spaces. A slated horizontal trellis helps to enclose the pool area and bring contrast to the garden's boundary of Evergreen planting. Artificial green wall panels from Vistafolia and evergreen climbers on the trellis provide colour to the border of the terrace and compliments the rest of the planting. Careful planting design was key to create the hidden Oasis feel to the pool area. Large Palm trees were carefully positioned, along with decorative pots from Atelier vierkant dressed with Trachycarpus fortuneii. Generous paved steps lead to the lawn and are flanked with new raised beds of rendered blockwork with a painted finish and stone copings. Along with the ground level planting the raised beds are dressed with decorative pebble mulch and simple, low maintenance planting to complete the garden.

Complementing the colour scheme Grand Shara Sofas and Arabian Loungers with Arabian side table provide different areas to relax by the pool.

Surrey Garden Landscape Design Contractor

Leading from pool side to the house matching porcelain paving extends to another terrace. The Renson pergola with lighting and outdoor heating allows enjoyment of the space all year round. Adjacent is a decked lounge area which contains a Chill Corner Lounge Sofa and armchairs which has a focal point feature in the adjacent raised bed of three decorative pots with specimen Coryline australis. The enclosed dining area is completed with a Design Dining table and Air Dining chair set, which leads to the discreetly placed outside kitchen.

Not to forget the younger members of the family a bespoke playhouse was built surrounded by play-bark and beside which was placed a full size sunken trampoline ensuring fun can be achieved safely by all.

To complete the transformation of this contemporary family garden design in Surrey, a discrete lighting plan was designed and implemented. The lighting not only illuminates the garden at night, allowing you to safely navigate any level changes, it provokes stunning views of the garden when viewed from the house, its strategic positioning also allows for a beautiful reflection of the garden from the pool.