Family Gardens

Garden Designer Balham

Designed by Shelley Hugh-Jones and constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Design Balham

We were commissioned by the Homeowner, having successfully tendered for the complete refurbishment and coordination of this medium size Urban garden design in Balham South London, build and plant project.

This was a genuine successful collaboration between Contractor/Designer/homeowner and Kitchen/Joinery studio specialist.

Works involved the removal of the entire existing garden and excavations to facilitate all aspects of the design. Being a large terraced property it meant protecting expensive internal finishes as well as working around a busy young family in late Winter Spring.  Setting out to mm accuracy for the new design which included new stone/brick paver terraces, artificial lawns, (both ornamental and play) as well as integrated and linking planting areas.

Our scope also included the integration of services for the Bespoke Kitchen, such as waste water, mains water and electrical supply, these had to be positioned exactly to work with the retro-fitted bespoke Kitchen.

We also provided the support structure for the bespoke playhouse. Treated softwood 150x150mm posts were sourced and cut to size and set into concrete foundations to act a pile support for the new kid play-house.

The Designer and client, cleverly chose large format, neutral Porcelain tiles from London Stone with minimal grout gaps to form the two main terrace areas, with an additional beautifully contrasting, slightly rustic clay paving brick terrace for the dining area the clay Pavers were sourced from Chelmer Valley.

These terraces were successfully linked via the main lawn and an integrated path of the Porcelain tiles between the porcelain and the clay paver bricks, this led to the kids play area.

Jacksons Fencing, fence and trellis panels provide a robust and contemporary side perimeter whilst an existing rear masonry end wall was painted matt black to provide a shadowy rear perimeter to allow the planting to be framed and highlighted. Painting the brick wall black allowed it to disappear as a shadow and made the garden feel longer. small garden design.

Balham Garden Landscape Design Contractor

Screening pleached trees of Prunus Laurocerasus 'Novita' provided an immediate rear green tall screen and evergreen climbers Trachelospermum Jasminoides will eventually provide privacy as they grow to all 3 boundaries, soon they will be weaving along and through the trellis panels to create a band of evergreen privacy panels on top of the ewly installed fence, privacy is often a really important requirement for Urban spaces and this is achieved very successfully in this design.

Sections of 1m high evergreen Griselinia littoralis hedging are used to delineate and hug the different rooms along with small garden trees which also help to create some internal privacy and define dining/kitchen and play areas.

Year round interest is prevalent throughout the planting, from the lower, ground cover planting through to the hedging and screening trees, this really is a garden to be cherished 12 months of the year, this planting choice provide a tapestry of interest that will also help to soften hard edges but compliment the strong geometry of the design.

All regions of the garden are llluminated by a combination of task lighting around the Kitchen, dining and seating terraces. With discreet and angled focal up-lighting for the planting regions. Light fitting are high quality fittings by Hunza and Astrolighting all controlled by remote Wise-box and fitted by our Part P qualified installer.