Small Gardens

Garden Designer Merton

Designed by Pippa Martlew and constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Design Merton

This unique Merton garden located on top of a garage roof was designed by Pippa Martlew who chose the Garden Builders to bring her design to life.

The centerpiece of this roof top garden is a smooth porcelain terrace. The terrace is accessed from the house by steps in matching porcelain grey tiles onto a large space for dining and entertaining. Enclosing the area are yellow London stock raised beds which offer a partition to the rest of the garden while housing an abundance of plants.

A metal archway embedded into the raised beds finishes the terrace and leads onto the L shaped landscaped lawn. An Easigrass Kensington lawn was laid around the remainder of the small garden design creating an easily maintained area which can be enjoyed all year round. The artificial lawn can also be accessed by steps to the right hand side, bonded step treads with a downturn were selected to create a thicker appearance to compliment the chunkiness of the brick work.

Merton Garden Landscape Design Contractor

Planting was key to designing this green, tranquil garden. Trachelospermum jasminoides climbers trained on tension wire provided height along the left hand fence. The Lavandula angustifolia in the raised beds surrounding the terrace provide a beautiful aroma while adding a vivid purple to contrast against the green and brown of the space. The planting scheme also consisted of roses, Pieris and Aztec Pearl, plus many more to provide a variety of sizes and ensure colour all year round in this city garden. A lower bed was planted to the edge of the grass with an Amelanchier lamarckii tree and various Hebe and a further raised bed was built at the back of the garden to ensure a peaceful view from all aspects of the garden.

To enhance the finished garden and to enable use into the evening lighting was carefully considered. Small step lights were placed into the brick work and spike spots were carefully placed throughout the planting beds creating a relaxing space to be enjoyed throughout the day and long into the Summer evenings.