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Garden Designer Windsor

Designed and constructed by The Garden Builders

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The Garden Builders designed and built this small, contemporary courtyard in Windsor creating a vibrant and modern space in which to relax. The challenge was to create a green space leading from the basement which had varying degrees of light and high boundary walls. The installation of Vistafolia®, artificial green-wall panels provided a cost effective and natural-looking solution to include green foliage and realistic flower colour that extended vertically without the need for extensive, expensive maintenance and overpowering planted climbers. The vertical green walls encase the space bringing colour and life to the courtyard.

Painted FSC timber screening on all three neighbouring boundaries complimented the Vistafolia® panels to create a balance and unity of materials within the garden design to provide a warm and modern feel. The grey and green colour scheme was then continued onto floor level through the installation of the powder coated Aluminium planters. By using a darker grey the planters successfully contrast with the boundary walls while adding another tone in which to enhance the planting.

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The planting scheme consisted of four larger specimen trees to connect with the height of the garden and to add interest throughout the year with seasonal interest, more on Garden landscapers Berkshire. For the lower planting the use of bold green foliage using a mix of broad leaves, ferns and grasses combined with structural topiary randomly placed within the planting scheme, soften the rigidity of the courtyard. To enhance the vibrancy of the space, subtle splashes of colour provided through Salvia's and Geraniums compliment the flopping white Gaura. A key part to this beautiful courtyard design is the stunning tile-work. It almost looks like a carpet outside. We created this framed centre piece from geometric tiles which provides some welcoming focal detail, which is both bold but sits perfectly within the palette of the garden materials. The clever use of yellow and varying materials when choosing the furniture completes this urban courtyard providing a tranquil and lush outside space to be enjoyed.