Water Gardens

Garden Design Wandsworth

Garden designed by Lilly Joan-Richardson & constructed by The Garden Builders

Contemporary Garden Design Wandsworth

A peaceful garden in Wandsworth was designed by Lilly Joan-Richardson and her vision was implemented by the Garden Builders.

This medium size garden is divided into three main areas offering multiple options for relaxation. Adjacent to the house is a wide stone terrace. Either end of the terrace are contemporary decorative screens with laser cut pattern by Screen with Envy. These have been used to provide privacy and contrast to the greenery. A large, comfy, corner sofa inhabits one end of the terrace allowing a perfect place to lounge on a Summer's day. In contrast, on the other side two sun loungers sit in front of large cube planters providing a key spot to catch the sun. The cube planters hold multi-stem birch trees with ferns under-planting.

Two steps allow access to the vibrant lawn and incorporate a raised bed with specimen 'box shape' Carpinus betulus pleached trees. Below the trees are grass under-planting of Stipa tenuissima which add height and movement to the raised bed.

The luscious lawn is defined with decorative gravel edging detail. Pleached trees enclose the lawn on either side and have mixed under planting, giving contrast of size and shade to the borders of the garden.

To the rear of the garden a terrace has been designed to create a main focal point of the garden and provide further seating areas from which to enjoy this urban retreat. Matching stone twins the first terrace while a pergola frames the terrace. Modern sofas sit in front of the Fireplace providing a retreat to the back of the garden to entertain even on the chillier nights. The fireplace has been rendered and painted to blend in with the colour scheme of the designed garden. A linear fire burner has been incorporated to provide warmth and colour.

A highlight of this terrace is two decorative swings which have been incorporated into the pergola offering a fun and quirky alternative seating space.

An essential to all quality gardens is the discreet and varied use of lighting to illuminate the space while enabling it to be enjoyed all day long.