Family Gardens

Grand garden design London

Garden designed and constructed by The Garden Builders

Large garden design Fulham London

A grand residential garden in Fulham designed and built by The Garden Builders, creating a relaxing family garden for fun and entertainment while complimenting the beautiful architecture of this Traditional-style House.

The garden is divided into several areas around the main lawn. Innovative design and creative engineering was used to craft this lawn which sits on top of an underground carpark. By designing mounds, this enabled us to keep the existing mature trees which facilitate a woodland feel in SW London.

This substantial open space can be observed from four diverse seating areas. The first of the four seating areas is a formal dining area on the terrace adjacent to the house. Modern furniture was used but colours were chosen carefully to harmonize with the imposing pillars of the house and completed with feature planted Atelier Vierkant pots.

Sawn Yorkstone paving was used to provide a wide pathway on the perimeter of the lawn to make possible further seating areas and grant easy access to the pool and Summer- house.

The rear terrace with lounge area consists of brick pavers in a herringbone pattern and matching edging to contrast with the sawn Yorkstone. The focal point of this relaxing rear terrace is a feature Purbeck wall which acts as a plinth for decorative pots.

Adjacent to the main rear terrace is a Summer- house or 'cabin in the woods' as the owner likes to call it. Having an enclosed space provides a perfect location to enjoy the garden design all year round whatever the weather.

A charming terrace by the swimming pool provides another area to relax and enjoy the warmer days especially after a swim.

To the side of the garden sits the fourth seating area, a space designed for the children. A bespoke, circular timber bench was built to create a chill out area where the children can relax and entertain friends.

In each corner of the lawn are large-scale beds which are planted with a mix of perennial planting and a backbone of evergreen shrubs, providing colour and movement to the garden throughout the year. Low retaining reclaimed brick walls and matching steps to the side terrace create further opportunities for planting with topiary and ground cover and allow ease of access to the generous grand lawn area.

This green retreat is accented throughout with numerous and varied Atelier Vierkant pots which complement the materials palette throughout the garden.

This magnificent family space is illuminated at night by discreet and thoughtful lighting which allows the garden to be relished at all times.