Water Gardens

Garden Designer Surrey

Garden designed by Lynne Marcus & constructed by The Garden Builders

Contemporary Garden Kingston Surrey

A Large sprawling garden, multi-levelled contemporary garden in Kingston designed by Lynne Marcus and constructed by The Garden Builders combines water, hardscaping and planting elements to create a stunning, architectural space affording sweeping views of the property.

Exuding modern glamour amidst open green spaces, the garden complements the geometric lines of the striking, contemporary-style house. Contrasting materials create an engaging journey throughout the space. This large garden offers a mix of entertainment and activity zones.

The main focal point is a dynamic rill water feature that falls into a lily pond with a large, central floating bridge. The rill is levelled with the lawn area, with a 500 mm. drop over. The walls above the water levels are clad in basalt.

Wide, basalt steps connect the pond to the rambling lawn areas while the opposite terrace of basalt paving and Mosa tiles create a dual-toned, paved walkway to the house's glass-fronted living room. The pond and waterfall are surrounded by raised planting beds with mixed planting.

The landscaping is a mosaic of rectangular patterns composed of paved access areas, lawn surfaces, both natural and artificial, and planting beds. These elements are rhythmically interspersed throughout the expansive space, providing textural contrast as well as dividing the large garden area into enticing sections.

The basement terrace is paved with elegant Mosa tiles as well as the basement steps. The basement staircase is surrounded by raised planting beds on either side. The terrace is separated from a lounge area with a coffee table and armchairs by a railing. The basement raised bed walls feature basalt coping with pencil round edges.

Basalt features prominently in the scheme, a handsome, dark-coloured paving and cladding material that define sections of the landscaping.

Wide lawn steps with cropped basalt setts, for example, are surrounded by beds of graded and woodland planting and lead to the artificial lawn area.

Pathways to the tennis court, garage and bike shed feature basalt paving in staggered patterns, with a curb of basalt cropped setts, or resin-bounded aggregate edged in sunken metal edging. Free-standing paved steps of flamed basalt paving directly lead to the tennis court and are bordered by evergreen hedge. The steps treads are infilled with double rows of basalt setts. Basalt stepping stones lead to the golf course.


The long pathway to the property's entrance features solid paths of basalt plank paving broken by a short path of basalt plank paving stepping stones. The path bisects the driveway of resin-bonded aggregate edged by sunken metal edging.

Corten steel is also used for the perforated screen by the staircase and for the specimen tree planters.

The planting scheme features a row of birch trees, Betula albosinensis Fascination fronting the property, evergreen hedge, Prunus lusitanica surrounding most of the property's perimeter, ornamental trees with under-planting and wildflowers.

The Garden Builders have won a number of APL awards for constructing stunning, large gardens. We work with both established and up-and-coming garden designers to transform landscapes into beautiful and exciting outdoor spaces that are as functional as they are pleasing to behold.