Family Gardens

Notting Hill Garden Design

Garden designed by Maitanne Hunt & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Designer Notting Hill

Front and rear contemporary garden project in Notting Hill, designed by Maitanne Hunt and constructed by the Garden Builders, features striking combinations of simple hardscaping and structured greenery.

The formal front garden is built around the imposing central main steps, with the design enhancing the stately and elegant wide staircase with its intricate metal railing. Through strategic planting and pebble hardscaping, the front garden heightened the grand, luxurious look of the property.

Osmanthus trees serve as the focal point of this outdoor space and add an exceptionally graceful element to the property frontage. These small tea olive trees, often used for front gardens, liven up entrances and walkways with their fine, broad-leafed foliage and fragrant flower clusters which bloom from autumn to spring. The small trees can be pruned easily to fit any garden’s size and shape.

The spacious rear garden is given to family relaxation and entertainment and features generous open space. It is an idyllic environment utilised as a green outdoor room, with a sprawling lawn surrounded by attractive mixed planting and an entertainment zone at the back occupied by stylish sofa seating and decorative vases on one end and a dining area on the other.

Beautiful wicker furniture and large urns add charm and warmth to the living space, as with the wooden dining table and benches. The rustic appeal is enhanced by the porcelain paving, which also gives the area a clean, crisp look. Porcelain pavers are a popular choice for outdoor spaces because of their durability, water- and scratch resistance and low maintenance.

Outdoor rooms also need to be easy to maintain and made of durable materials that often complement the interior of the property for continuity and to project a larger sense of space. As living extensions, they normally are designed with the need to provide maximum privacy from the outside world, often achieved by constructing trellises or devising screening.

The perimeter walls are surrounded by abundant planting and tall trees, enfolding the rear garden with luxuriant greenery that likewise perfectly serves as screening for privacy. The relaxation area is set against a backdrop of evergreen shrubs, Camellia japonica, interspersed with the large trees. Often used for screening, Camellia japonica is a popular flowering shrub with vividly-coloured flowers, glossy foliage and an alluring, compact habit. The rear space also features low mixed planting, including topiary balls, and climbers.

Another wooden element featured in the rear section of the garden are railway sleeper raised beds, often deployed to add a rustic quality to modern gardens. Originally utilised as perpendicular support for railroad tracks, the sleepers are increasingly used in contemporary garden schemes as planters, edging or retaining walls. Prized for their rugged, worn appearance, the railway sleepers make a beautiful, traditional contrast to modern features in the garden.

The Garden Builders work with both established and up and coming garden designers and landscape architects to realise their sideas for their clients’ gardens, constructing beautiful garden spaces to the highest quality standards, attention to the smallest detail and in a timely and cost-effective fashion.