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Barnes Garden Designer

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Design West London

Scenic garden designed and built by The Garden Builders integrates the client’s outdoor space with the surrounding wetlands, creating an eco-friendly environment that supports the local diverse wildlife. The design of the garden has been greatly influenced by the neighbouring National Trust wetlands, making water a key feature of the garden.

Incorporating an element of water within the garden was important as a strong link to the surroundings, turning one of the internal spaces into a wildlife-friendly pond.

Garden ponds have become a haven for wildlife in increasingly urbanised areas, becoming a vital source of fresh, unchlorinated water for birds, insects and amphibians. Ponds are not only easy to build, they contribute to promoting biodiversity as well as hosting beneficial creatures that will pollinate the garden and control pest populations. Ponds also can extend growing seasons by giving off needed warmth to plants around it, especially at night.

Landscape Contractor Barnes

The centerpiece pond creates movement within the garden, reflecting sunlight that dances and shimmers on the water, producing a pleasurable sight. A recirculating pump generates moving water to add to the dynamic atmosphere and likewise can serve as a bird bath.

Other design elements in the garden heighten the feeling of inhabiting a nature reserve. Creating a sense of flow, the new Dutch brick pathway snakes its way through the garden as if it were an extension of the nearby wetland, creating deeper borders at points and two distinct internal spaces. A patio nestled amongst the planting provides an area for dining and entertainment, perfect for outdoor breakfasts or tea. Despite being a static space, the circular sandstone paving continues the feel of movement in the garden. Further back, the pathway wends to a smaller circular sandstone area with wooden lounge chairs, creating a small, secluded garden nook surrounded by beautiful planting for relaxation and contemplation. Another seating area is placed near the pond.

Planting is a vital aspect of the garden, evoking a sense of abundance and natural beauty across the space. A very loose, prairie-like style was employed throughout, achieved by combining swathes of herbaceous perennials and mix grasses. The wildness of the garden design was allowed to prevail over the hard landscaping, spilling over into the paths, creating romantic, secret pockets that surprise and offer secluded intimacy.

The naturalistic planting scheme fills the garden landscape with colour, texture, rhythm and movement, and a totally immersive space to experience the beauty of spontaneous nature on a smaller scale. The richly layered planting and seemingly random arrangements and planting juxtapositions create beautiful silhouettes, patterns and intermingling to present various perspectives to the onlooker and endlessly fancy the eye.

Supporting biodiversity has become an increasingly important aspiration for garden owners in west London. Providing refuge for wildlife and replacing habitats lost to urban development are part of a growing trend for ecological consciousness and greater harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Homeowners are doing their bit to arrest declining wildlife species by providing nectar and water to animals through wildlife gardening features such as ponds and selecting nectar-rich planting.