Small Gardens

Garden Design Belsize Park

Designed by John Davies Landscape & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Designers in North London

Lush mixed planting transformed a small garden space into a stunning outdoor green room. Designed by John Davies and constructed by the Garden Builders, this L-shaped garden in Belsize Park, North London, created an inviting retreat for the family to relax and enjoy nature.

Perfect for urban gardens with limited space, outdoor green rooms feature an abundance of planting to please the eye and refresh the spirit, to almost theatrical effect. Hardscaping creates structure and contrast elements to the organic forms, and likewise provides continuity between the indoor and outdoor areas of the property.

Outdoor rooms remain popular garden schemes for their ability to increase living square footage and provide homeowners with functional outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

The garden was built around a contemporary extension with large, bi-folding doors that opened up to unfold the dramatic display of green and afford clear views of the backyard from inside the house.

The natural stone paving, of beautiful Jura Beige limestone, created a soft, warm floor surface for the green room, its pinkish beige tone providing a smooth transition from the wooden planks of the interior living space.

The garden was enclosed by Western Red Cedar trellising and fencing, in a horizontal slatted design, adding further warmth to the scheme. Western Red Cedar is an ideal material for maintaining privacy for outdoor rooms, being low-maintenance and durable. It was also an excellent textural complement to the scheme, adding depth and colour and heightened the garden’s natural look.

The planting undoubtedly is the focal attraction of the garden. The living wall provided a rich tapestry of mixed greens tumbling out of the cedar trellis, with pops of floral colours livening the display.

The planting bed surrounded by Jura Beige limestone paving showed a more formal but nonetheless teeming arrangement, with a large Acer tree, topiary and lush mixed planting. The acer tree, a beautiful addition to any garden with its layered branches and striking, colourful foliage in the fall, posed a technical challenge during construction, as its heft made it difficult to move through the house, requiring considerable manpower and maneuvering. With its slow-growing orientation, however, the acer is a suitable tree for small gardens.

A few choice pieces of modern furniture – a pair of metal scoop chairs and a small, low table -- completed the scheme, providing a near-sculptural effect.

Strategic lighting, comprised of floor lights, illuminated the planting at night, creating an engaging evening setting. The uplight cast shadows on the trellis and outlined the curving pattern of the green wall. When lit up at night, the garden display through the glass could be quite mesmerising.

The combination of a cooling and calming oasis of green and sleek, contemporary lines created a vibrant living extension and a pleasurable outdoor space for the family. This garden is a perfect example of how restricted space can be maximised through good garden design.

The Garden Builders work with both established and up and coming garden designers to realise clients’ gardens with excellent attention to quality and detail.