Contemporary Gardens

Modern Paving Garden

Designed by Camilla Hiley & constructed by The Garden Builders

elegant modern paving garden

An elegant and airy west London garden, designed by Camilla Hiley with full renovation build by The Garden Builders, is an excellent example of the seamless integration of traditional and contemporary and of hard and soft landscaping elements as well. A few choice elements create a pleasurable outdoor extension for the family to enjoy. The garden project was completed alongside the refurbishment of this grand Fulham home and beautifully combines the contemporary and urban with rustic, country touches.

The renovated garden has been transformed into a relaxing, multi-purpose outdoor space, which can be used by all family members for both recreation and entertainment, adaptable for any family function. Moreover, the new scheme has enhanced appreciation of the space from all perspectives; some of the best views are enjoyed from within the house itself.

Natural stone of comprises one of the main elements of the garden scheme. Jura beige sawn limestone and tumbled sandstone modern setts paving for the terraces and steps had a brightening effect, adding natural warmth. It also integrates the garden with the house's interiors and contrasts handsomely with the planting beds. With its clean and elegant appeal, sawn limestone perfectly sets off the contemporary features of this garden, highlighting its minimalist effects.

The terraces and steps were constructed as a vibrant connecting space from the house to the lower terrace, which is paved with limestone setts, clearly defining the space from the upper terrace. The rear lower terrace is a spacious, private area to luxuriate in and take in views leading back to the house. With generous open space, the garden can be enjoyed as a calming, restorative retreat, a place for peace and quiet.

The entire garden is enclosed on three sides with reclaimed London Stock brick walls, which creates a deeper tonal contrast from the limestone paving and heightens the rustic charm and character of the scheme. The reclaimed bricks also add a touch of individuality to the garden design, with its variety of textures and weathered look and also speak of an eco-friendly ethic. A smart bespoke trellis sits on top of the walls to provide additional privacy and security. Eventually a band of green planting will take over the trellis and help soften the walls and tie together the planting. Climbers already dress up the brick wall adjacent to the house, at the base of which is a large powder-coated planter.

The other major element of the garden is the planting scheme. Main planting for the garden is comprised of ground-level and raised beds, helping create the illusion of larger space and likewise increasing privacy. Cleverly selected small garden trees and topiary trees provide strong focal points throughout the garden, lining the perimeter area and accentuating corners. A band of pleached Pyrus trees divides the lower and upper terraces and provides more screening with their flat frames without comprising light levels for either.

The garden is transformed at night by a discreet lighting scheme which also skilfully heightens level changes and guides the eye towards the principal planting elements. Large open spaces and strategically located planting create a dramatic entertainment area at night.