Family Gardens

Garden Design Barnes

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Design Barnes

For this family garden, The Garden Builders were asked to design and build both the front and rear gardens. The main focus for the rear garden was to utilise as much lawn space as possible for various play activities, whilst also incorporating interesting areas of low maintenance planting. The simplistic yet effective design achieves this by creating a large central lawn space that is bordered on both sides with low Buxus hedging that encloses mix planting of Hydrangea paniculata 'limelight', Rosmarinus officinalis, mixed sized topiary Buxus balls, Agapanthus and grasses.

The Buxus hedging helps unify the existing False Acacia tree, which now effortlessly blends into the new design. Towards the rear of the garden the hedging not only acts as a border for the new planting but has been extended out to screen off a recessed trampoline.

At the rear of the garden is an intimate dining area with pleached Quercus Ilex trees and mixed ground level underplanting. The evergreen pleached trees provide a natural screen that blocks unwanted views into the garden, thus creating a more private garden space. This idea was repeated on the right-hand side of the garden along with a new batten fence behind the pleached trees to disguise views of a neighbouring wall. For the dining area Jura Beige limestone paving was used, which is then continued along the left-hand side of the garden leading the client back towards the house.

The front garden is divided into three different sections. On the far right is a resin bond driveway and on the far-left hand side is small straight planting bed which mimics the planting style in the rear garden along with a straight buff York stone path, leading towards the front door of the house. This path is bordered with a low growing Buxus hedge with a break in the centre.

The middle section acts as the main centre piece for the front garden. This section provides an interesting transition from the client's front door to the garage and driveway. In the centre of this section is a small square planting bed with a focal point tree, underplanted with mixed sized topiary Buxus balls and Agapanthus to provide a splash of colour. Vande Moortel clay pavers were used break up the two-different adjoining hard surfaces. The clay pavers fit in beautifully with the overall design and really help create a stunning centre piece in West London.