Small Gardens

Garden Design Vauxhall

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Design Vauxhall

The brief for this small garden was to create a greener outdoor space for our clients to relax in. The design centred around the clients existing Scandinavian sun loungers which they wanted to re-use and to feel like part of the garden as opposed to objects placed within it.

To incorporate the sun loungers in a way that made them like feel part of the garden, we designed and built a timber frame for the sun loungers to fit inside. The sides of the frame were cladded with acrylic mirror strips to create a floating visual affect and the top of the frame was cladded with clear cedar battens to tie in with the new slatted trellis fencing that surrounds the garden.

The base of the frame work was edged with a mix of succulents and alpines with decorative polished white pebbles that match the 900x600mm Classic Henraux Blanc porcelain paving tiles. This edge is down lit by LED strip lighting hidden inside the cedar overhang.

The new Classic Henraux Blanc porcelain paving tiles and slatted cedar trellis helped transform the once gloomy grey area into a lighter more natural outdoor space. It also creates a great backdrop for the planting to stand out against. The planting pallet for this project is a mix of different lush green tones and textures along with soft pinks, whites and blues.

The construction for this garden was a challenge as the garden was brought down to one level and all waste and materials had to be carried through the house, with little room to store in the garden. The existing shed which was to be kept and repositioned also had to be moved around whilst in the clearance phase, until we could make a new base for it, more gardens here in garden design South London.

Once the shed was in its new position we cladded the side of the shed facing the house with cedar battens. Climbing wires were fixed to the battens to help train a climbing rose against it which will soften the view from the dining room. The battens were intricately cut with high attention to detail so they could fit around the pointing of the wall and sit flush against it.