Small Gardens

Garden Design Clapham

Designed by Monique Halloran & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Designers in Clapham

This small garden in Clapham designed by Monique Halloran has a lovely, romantic character created by lush planting, a languorous curving path and a cozy, rustic feel. Evoking traditional English gardens with naturalistic, abundant foliage and an informal setting, the garden maximises the limited backyard space with a vibrant plant scheme randomly arranged along the curving stone pathway. A small timber shed painted white rests quaintly at the far rear corner of the garden.

This project illustrates how a few choice, carefully edited elements can create a perfect garden composition in a small space. Many a small garden design has been miscalculated during construction by too many features and all too little, precious space. This garden wonderfully creates the illusion of bigger space by the excellent use of planting and perspective and just one or two more detail. The long, narrow space looks bigger and wider with the curving path, which draws the eye sideways to give the impression of width and a sense of movement. Tumbles of planting along this winding path make the garden appear larger. Lush planting likewise blurs the boundaries of the garden, making it difficult to tell where the garden ends.

Plants provide the critical and also the most flexible element to a garden design, often dictating the character of the garden. Exuberant mixed planting beautifully defines and outlines this small garden space, creating a lavish spread with year-round interest to experience the most out of each season's best foliage. Most of the planting is luxuriously set against the perimeter fencing, with some organised in elegant black planters on the terrace and on beds bordering the zigzagging pathway. In summer, light pink and mauve flowers give the garden a soft, delicate colouring.

The hardscaping creates continuity with the indoor space, with the front terrace built on the same level and made of the same material. Porcelain paving slabs are used for the garden, for easy maintenance. Porcelain paving doesn't easily stain or get dirty and is also resistant to moisture. Most small gardens are utilised as living extensions or outdoor rooms and require a low-maintenance regimen. Complementing the outdoor space with the interiors also creates the appearance of bigger space.

Like many outdoor rooms, the terrace of this small garden serves as an entertainment area, with a weathered wooden dining table and a Kamado grill. Outdoor rooms have been a popular garden theme for the last few years, bringing families together in an atmosphere of relaxation and cozy comfort. Huge decorative urns ringed by lovely blooms provide a focal point in the middle of the garden, heightening the romantic inspiration.

New fencing is installed, with a side gate added on the right hand side for easy access from the road to the garden. Pleached trees at the back of the garden amplify the lush planting scheme while maintaining maximum privacy for the outdoor room. A paved seating area at the back of the garden also provides another quiet, relaxation zone.

Like most south London gardens, this small, lovely garden harmonises with the green environment of the area, providing another exquisite example of suburban tranquility.