Family Gardens

Family Garden Wandsworth

Designed by Philip Wells, Design Box Architecture & constructed by The Garden Builders

Family Garden Wandsworth

After a through tender process The Garden Builders were chosen by Philip as the contractor to pull all the elements together to form a cohesive and beautifully finished garden.

Philip designed the overall layout of the decked area, the storage units, raised planter and seating, the pergola, artist studio and trellis.

The Garden Builders were tasked with organising the fabrication of all the elements so that as much as possible the individual elements would come to site pre -fabricated and then site fixed to speed up installation.

We undertook all aspects of the site preparation and then receiving all elements to fit onsite, based on the exacting design.

Additionally, The Garden Builders were then asked to implement a soft landscaping design to work with the Hard Landscape and structures that enhanced the garden overall. Planting was a mix of structural evergreens and a very limited palette of perennials.

A large artificial putting green was installed and a new natural lawn laid to complete the soft landscape elements.

Finally, an integrated lighting and irrigation system were installed alongside the planting works to improve viability and to enhance the planting and hard landscape elements when viewed at night from the home.