Small Gardens

Small Courtyard Garden

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Small Courtyard Garden

We were commissioned by the homeowner to 'sharpen up' and better finish the existing garden elements. Several aspects of the old garden elements never worked and caused maintenance issues.

Together with the client we looked at and installed new Porcelain stone to replace the existing self- binding gravel terrace.

Installed 3 different types of finish to the existing walls:
1. Vistagreen artificial green wall panels.
2. Island stone 'Rustic tile cladding panels.
3. Re-rendered and painted finish.

The idea was to create an interesting blend of vertical finishes that work together to give a different feel when viewed both internally and externally.

We also removed the old green roof and installed a new artificial lawn roof surface and bespoke stainless steel drip over hang system to reduce staining of the new vertical surfaces. The irrigation and lighting system were also improved.

To complete and dress the new space we carefully sourced glazed tall planters and new under-planting to work with the existing Acer griseum specimen trees.

In all, the new surfaces completely change the space when either viewed from the house or when interacting in the courtyard, the new surfaces offer a robustness and longevity value the space never previously had.