Roof Gardens

Roof Terrace Design King's Cross

Designed by Pippa Martlew & constructed by The Garden Builders

Roof Terrace Design King's Cross

This 7x7m roof terrace, for a 7th floor penthouse apartment on the new King's Cross development, benefitted from impressive views across London.

The owners wanted to increase their living and entertaining space and create the feeling of an extra room outdoors. The brief was for an atmosphere of simplicity and calm, for relaxed urban living.

The designer created a raised cedar deck seating area, with built-in storage benches and planters, where views of the London skyline could be enjoyed.

Planters and bench bases were rendered with K-Rend in two tones of grey, to complement the ceramic tile cladding on the building.

A second, more sheltered area, was created close to the house, for dining and entertainment.

The expanse of decking was broken up with an area of sawn stone paving and smooth cobbles around the base of planters.

Planting mainly consisted of evergreen shrubs, including Nandina domestics, Choisya 'White Dazzler', Pittosporum tenuifolium and Hebes, with texture and colour provided by ferns, Hostas and Salvias.

With the client keen to make the most of the space after dark, lighting was an important element. Downlights washed the walls, spotlights highlighted texture in the planting and a LED strip under the edge of the raised deck created a dramatic feature at night.