Award Winning Gardens

Gold Medal Garden 2016

Designed by John Warland & constructed by The Garden Builders

Gold Medal Winning Garden

The World Vision Garden

Gold Medal Winning garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016

The design of the garden is a horticultural interpretation of the sculptor Richard Serra and his monolithic Corten works.

A composition of sinuous mild steel and turf ribbons undulate rhythmically across the plot of the garden. They represent the possible seismic shocks below the ground and ensuing waves of energy peeling the earth open.

The ribbons of life where designed to rise and fall rhythmically in the garden, sometimes alone and fragile or in a moment of entwined strength. The exposed underside of the ribbons is covered with large boulders used to represent rubble decorated with plants symbolising ever prevailing power of nature even after drastic occurrences as seismic shocks.

The design of ribbon structures was studied to establish how far it could be pushed in cantilevered format while still retaining required requires characteristic of turf installation.

The treated mild steel ribbons are intersected by Mature Pyrus chanticleer trees. The tall fruit trees offer vertical accents in the composition what also represents the technical challenges followed by seismic shocks.

Reflective bowls symbolise pools of water springing from the ground after the earthquake.

The gravel surface treatment adds the sense of seismic event and the aftermath of such events offering another sculptural dimension to the composition.

The installation of undulated ribbons in engulfed with natural meadow planting.