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City Garden Design London

Designed by Maitanne Hunt & constructed by The Garden Builders

City Garden Design Holland Park London

This garden was overgrown, unused and unloved when we first visited it; although prime London location, the owners had rarely sat in the garden nor used the lower terrace, near the basement.

We decided to optimise the space and took inspiration of the existing towering pear tree to recreate the romantic feel of an orchard whilst making the space as usable as possible, with great city garden design in Holland Park London. By planting 6 large pleached apple trees we kept the planting to a minimal space but also made it structural and bold. The bespoke oak posts provide architectural rythm and hold the wiring for the horizontal branches. We enlarged and lit the steps to the basement area and planted the lower terrace with a selection of ferns and shade loving plants. The dining area is deliberately situated towards the end of the garden to encourage the owners to walk through the garden.

Paving is made of large Yorkstone stepping stones complimented by sedum. The red of the apples, copper tones of the beech trees and pink climbing roses in the summer dictate a simple palette of colours, highlighted with green, lime and creams."