Award Winning Gardens

Silver Gilt Winner RHS CFS 2016

Designed by John Warland & constructed by The Garden Builders

Silver Gilt Winner RHS CFS 16

The World Vision garden, Silver Gilt Winner at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

Conceived as an horticultural homage to the sculptor Richard Serra and his monolithic Corten works.

A series of sinuous turf ribbons undulate rhythmically across the plot. They imply the possible seismic shocks below the ground and ensuing waves of energy peeling the earth open. Ribbons of life rise and fall, sometimes alone and fragile or in a moment of entwined strength.

A simple study on the material characteristics, of both turf & steel, and how far they could be pushed in cantilevered format.

Mature Pyrus chanticleer pierce the ribbons, offering vertical accents and of course associated technical challenges.

Below ground level the interior carcass was mirrored to drag light to the lower levels, and highlight the simple colour combinations of Tulipa ballerina and Iris varieties.

The unconventional surface treatment of concrete blocks