Roof Gardens

Marylebone Roof Terrace

Designed by Todd Longstafee-Gowan & constructed by The Garden Builders

Marylebone Roof Terrace

Designed by Todd Longstaff-Gowan Landscape Architects, the garden comprised of curved brick walls of varying heights and matching brick patio floor.

Due to access issues through the house all materials were crane lifted up onto the roof in stages to meet the requirements set out by the structural engineer so as not to point load areas of the terrace.

Protection layers and filter drainage board we laid before the Vande Moortel brick walls were constructed on lightweight Lytag concrete footings. The patio bricks were laid over a free draining 3-6mm sub-base before being finished with a fine jointing sand.

Due to weight loading restrictions deep planting beds were part filled with Filcore polystyrene to reduce the overall soil depth and lightweight growing media installed prior to planting. Large specimen trees were craned up before being deadman anchored into position and vast amounts of shrubs, climbers and bulbs planted including small plug plants neatly positioned within the open brick voids.
Spot lights and overhead lantern lighting brought the terrace alive at night and finished off an amazing looking terrace