Contemporary Gardens

Large Elegant Garden

Designed by Lynne Marcus & constructed by The Garden Builders

Large Elegant Garden

A handsome and elegant, expansive garden complemented the renovation of this large, family home creating a ranging outdoor environment with a stately, formal look but practically addressing family needs for entertainment, relaxation and play.

The garden offers direct access to the swimming pool in the basement, as per client specification. A loggia at the back provides an area for cooking and leisure while a vivarium houses the client's African tortoise.

The garden has a strong, classic feel, characterised by symmetry and an elegant balance of lines and curves. The multi-levels create depth and interest while the minimal colour palette adds to the garden's refined atmosphere. Only green and white were utilised for the colour scheme, with occasional touches of blue.

A stunning focal element highlighting the breadth of this garden space is the majestic Italianate staircases that gracefully curve up to the main terrace from the bowed pool courtyard, which features a cozy seating area backdropped by stylish planting set in attractive, large planters.

Two rows of pleached trees flank the main steps leading to the lawn, creating a sophisticated central focal point. The varying terrace levels contrasted with lovely contemporary box parterres provide an alternative route through the garden and softens the ascent up the garden.

Lovely soft Cornus creates a romantic pathway to the loggia, offering an attractive view from the Orangerie. The lawn, built as a play area for the client's young boys, is in a similar shape as the pool courtyard's.