Award Winning Gardens

RHS Flower Show Silver Gilt Winner 15

Designed by John Warland & constructed by The Garden Builders

World Vision garden

Silver gilt award-winning garden at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show designed by John Warland for the global charity World Vision inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Cambodia.

This stunning garden features a water-oriented space reflecting an agricultural theme meant to show the vulnerability of children in Cambodia surviving on two meagre bowls of rice a day. Translucent orange rods densely positioned throughout the water represent rice paddy fields. The dark water conveys the fear of hunger experienced by the children, with their childhood adversely affected by poor nutrition.

Hope, however, is symbolised in mirrored boxes filled with cacti shining light into the garden and the presence of irises and water violets send the message that delicate flowers can bloom in the right conditions, underscoring the importance of World Vision's agricultural projects for these vulnerable children.