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Knebworth Courtyard Garden

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Courtyard Garden

A smart, contemporary addition to a 900-year-old Knebworth manor, this modern courtyard garden enhances the haunting beauty of the surrounding rural landscape while providing a chic entertainment area and outdoors access.

The combination of different stones highlights the rough hewn style of the garden, paved with riven grey stone interspersed with furrows filled with black polished pebbles. The retaining walls feature dry stone rock, with beige sandstone indicating change in levels. The outlying areas are accessed by two sets of stairs. A polished stainless steel water feature adds movement to the stark elegance of the garden.

For seating, the space is fitted with a floating hardwood bench built in between the raised planters featuring multi-stemmed silver birches. The centrepiece fire table creates dramatic interest. The birches provide structural height to the scheme. The planting continues the overall planting arrangement of the landscape