Contemporary Gardens

Garden Design Ascot

Designed by Declan Buckley & constructed by The Garden Builders

Ascot Garden Designer

This Ascot garden was completely transformed from an unremarkable space featuring a lawn and a small patio for a table and chairs to a stunning contemporary outdoor environment. The scheme involved creating new dining areas for both relaxation and entertainment.

The garden design is divided into two practical areas - a formal dining area and a decking area with comfortable seating perfect for morning coffee or a nightcap glass of wine. Dark timber screening design installed in strategic areas beautifully contrasted with the colours of the trees and shrubs, particularly providing a smart backdrop to the silver-grey leaves of the Olive tree as well as the lime-green leaves of the golden stem bamboo.

Garden Landscape Design Contractor Ascot

Blue-grey granite was utilised for the patio flooring design, incorporating a strip of silver-grey granite which ran through to the back doors of the patio, focusing attention on the interesting style, gnarled Olive tree. The raised beds were clad with similar blue-grey granite. A bespoke hardwood bench contrasted beautifully with the stonework.

The lighting design consisted of numerous light fittings to transform the space at night. For this project, the Garden Builders went beyond their usual work scope and even had time to build tiny steps to help the client's aging cat navigate the space.