Family Gardens

Artificial Lawn

Designed by Sarah Hammond & constructed by The Garden Builders

Wimbledon luxury artificial lawn

This garden design and build was to be a sympathetic approach to both the house and locale existing architecture and environment.

Materials and plants used were chosen to sit in harmony with the local green space and historic perimeter walls, a combination of both York-stone paving and reclaimed London stock bricks, were subtly used to form terraces and level changes to the new space. All aspects of the terracing and planting had to line up to access points and windows on the property. Terraces were both divided by ground level, sumptuous herbaceous planting which also doubled as 'vistas' to be viewed from within the house all year long.

A luxury artificial lawn was fitted as the main lawn, this was preferred to a natural lawn due to lack of light due to tree canopy cover and year round use for the family. A predominately perennial spring and summer planting was knitted together cleverly with an evergreen framework and the hard landscaping and was designed to grow into the space over a period of time, an instant garden was NOT required, more a garden to grow into the space and surrounds.

Discreet external LED lighting illuminates all planting and level changes simply controlled by a remote control system. The above design evokes a neat, clipped rural garden within a suburb ban setting, cleverly enhanced by the use of traditional materials and lightly structured planting to pull the effect together.