Garden Dining Maida Vale

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Dining Maida Vale

We were asked by the client to dress up a walled enclave at the rear of their garden and transform it into a bespoke banquette style dining area, with attractive lighting effects, for family al fresco dining and for entertaining.

Overhauling the walled area entailed removing glazing, rebuilding and re-engineering supporting walls and pressure-cleaning, repointing existing walls. A rendered finish also was applied to the lower area of the existing walls. The newly rendered walls were then painted with a coating of plush heritage cream colour. Hardwood decking replaced the concrete flooring.

New planting was added to the garden when required while the existing planting was trimmed and spruced up. The garden also was laid with a new lawn, which is 'drought-tolerant', and completed with a newly sawn Yorkshire path, which runs from the gym area to the main driveway. We were careful to choose materials for the project that blended with the look of the existing garden.

The new dining area was highlighted by a sleek center table with an attractive oiled finish , surrounded by floating banquette-style bench seating. Both the table and seating are made from Ipe hardwood. Slatted timber screening on both sides gave the space privacy, standing distinctly from the main house. The undersides of the table and seating were fitted with linear LED strip lighting while the rear walls were fixed with fairy-style lights, which gently cascaded soft white light down the walls. The overall lighting effect, all controlled by remote control, was a chic 'bar'-style illumination perfect for entertaining.