Family Gardens

Multi-Level Garden

Designed by Lynne Marcus & constructed by The Garden Builders

Landscape contemporary garden design Muswell Hill London

We undertook a complete overhaul of this Muswell Hill property's front and rear garden. Both spaces had to be totally cleared for the new scheme. We installed a new, porous driveway in the front garden, edged with random basalt paving. Formal and informal perennial planting dressed up the area. Lighting was also installed for illuminating the main house.

A new multi-level environment was built for the rear garden, to disguise the natural slopes of the space and make it more accessible and user-friendly. The rear garden design consisted of a decked terrace, a paved main terrace and a children's play area.

New decking from composite material, rather than timber, was installed for the upper garden. Clean, bespoke painted slatted trellis fencing defined the area. Large bespoke stainless steel planters full of culinary plants and herbs were edged along the terrace, forming the planting area and doubling as screening for the terrace.

Large formal granite kerbing created interesting steps throughout the multi-levelled space, bracketed by lovely planting to soften the look of hard stone. Smart granite paving was used for the main terrace. A focal point here is an L-shaped bench with a cleverly concealed storage area. These were made from matching granite and reclaimed decking boards. We installed a new lawn, with attractive granite edging. The perimeter of the lawn area was accentuated with lush mixed planting.

The scheme included a child's play area, as requested by the client, distributed throughout the levels, including a hidden play area within the planting consisting of a natural living willow den that allowed the children to play inside. The willow den effectively provided shelter while changing the character of the garden through the seasons.