Award Winning Gardens

Suburban Garden Hampstead

Designed by Lynne Marcus & constructed by The Garden Builders

Stunning Suburban Garden Hampstead

An elegant front and rear garden with contemporary touches to complement a lovely suburban period property in Hampstead. The design combines an attractive asymmetrical design and sleek, strong lines with structured and naturalistic planting.

The larger front garden offers a number of stimulating walkways that lead to the various entrance and exit points. The entrance gate was repositioned to maximise visual impact of the front garden.

The rear garden, meanwhile, is designed to provide striking views of the long, narrow pool and onto the expanse of Hampstead Heath. The view is seen both from the house and from the bespoke stone terrace at the rear.

A glass- and lead-clad covered area with seating and a green roof offers a pleasant space for relaxation and contemplation year-round. Evening illumination throughout the garden is provided by professional Hunza exterior lighting.