Nike Stadium Style Garden

Designed by Kate Gould & constructed by The Garden Builders

Nike Stadium Style Garden

Designer Kate Gould was asked by Nike to create a stadium-inspired garden for the brand's Shoreditch pop-up shop in London. The multi-purpose outdoors space is also used as meeting venue for a local running club, apart from serving as gallery space and viewing area, and should have a community feel.

Nike's brief for stadium-style seating had to be worked around several structural and building issues, including the uneven flooring of the courtyard space as well as lease restrictions. As the garden was meant to be temporary, all structures eventually were constructed as unattached, free-standing elements that could be easily removed. Non-slip exterior pedestrian paint, meanwhile, was applied to the flooring as finish.

The four-tier seating plan is simple yet stylish and inviting and also effectively covered the uneven flooring. The boards are made of Ipe hardwood, and arranged roughly in a semi-circle, with both ends hollowed out to form side planting beds brimming with lush planting. A complementary green wall provided an even greener backdrop, and comes with its internal irrigation system and timer.

The red-coloured mural on the back wall by sculptor and artist Benedict Ratcliffe completes the artistic touches, including the overhead stainless steel running along the space (the 'fly wires') and Ratcliffe's over-sized wire trainer sculpture.