Roof Gardens

Penthouse Roof Garden

Designed by Andy Sturgeon & constructed by The Garden Builders

Penthouse Roof Garden Design

Featured on BBC Small Town Gardens, this beautiful penthouse roof garden offered unparalleled views across the Thames and Canary Wharf while creating an enjoyable relaxation and entertainment environment for the client.

The scheme is remarkable for its numerous creative design elements. The expansive rooftop space featured a variety of interesting zones - a deck area with central seating around a fire pit, a pond and glass water feature, and a gravel area highlighted by sculptured wind socks and an aluminium sculpture by John Brown and a stainless steel-framed Jacuzzi. The various features combined sophistication with a touch of quirkiness for a truly lively space.

The scheme was completed by robust planting, mainly herbaceous plants that could withstand rooftop conditions. Construction was carried out with detailed precision as 20 tonnes of material had to be lifted by crane onto the roof space.