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The beautiful balau decked flooring gives this small garden a rich tonal character creating a striking contrast to the brightly-painted low rendered walls, which feature lush planting. Another clever feature of the garden is the floating bench lit from below. The white rendered walls run through to the water feature with a stainless steel envelope style water chute creating movement in the garden. The garden is also surrounded by new timber fences, complete with a bespoke timber gate. The watering is provided by an automatic irrigation system while professional exterior lighting creates dramatic effects in the evening.

This cozy and attractive garden in Wimbledon decking design is an excellent example of small garden design. Highly functional, and featuring simple but striking contrast elements, the space has become a well-used living extension by the owners, as relaxation zone and utilised for outdoors dining. Most small gardens today function as outdoor rooms, a popular theme for several years now and a great way to extend living spaces, especially in urban settings. Doubling as living rooms, dining and entertainment areas or play zones, outdoor rooms bring families together in a relaxing environment. As living extensions, small gardens can express the homeowners' personality and tastes.

Families and homeowners with limited outdoors space in Wimbledon often ask garden designers to create engaging gardens that include ample play environments for children while incorporating such functional elements as entertainment zones and outdoor kitchens and dining areas. Time-poor households likewise include a low-maintenance brief, including for watering planting. Small gardens used as outdoor rooms need to be easy to maintain and made of durable materials that often complement the interior of the property for continuity and to project a larger sense of space. As living extensions, they have to be designed with the need to provide maximum privacy from the outside world, by constructing trellises or devising screening.

In this garden design in Wimbledon, the beautiful Balau decked flooring gives this small garden a rich tonal character creating a striking contrast to the brightly-painted low rendered walls. Balau is an exotic, tropical hardwood known for its plush deep red colouring, with brownish undertones, and delicate ribbon stripes. It is extremely durable and perfect for outdoor rooms often used by the residents. Timber decking adds warmth to an outdoor room and serves as an attractive contrast to stone features.

The garden is also surrounded by new timber fences for added privacy, complete with a bespoke timber gate.

The white rendered walls run through to the lovely water feature, which has a stainless steel, envelope-style water chute. An interesting water feature creates a stunning focal point and establishes mood and movement. The sound of running water soothes and relaxes, while at night falling water can cast a dramatic effect in the lighting design.

Another clever feature of the garden is the floating bench lit from below. Built-in seating is a popular feature of small garden designs because it creates handy storage areas while functioning as seats, or even a table. Good garden lighting can illuminate a busy outdoor room at night (or early mornings before work), especially prized for those who entertain often. It can transform the look of the garden during the evenings, highlighting focal elements and choice plants, creating light and dark plays that change the atmosphere and effect of the garden. Professional exterior lighting strategically placed in the small garden space creates dramatic effects in the evening.

Raised beds organise and maximise planting areas in a small space, help outline zones and often act as striking focal points. The white raised beds of the garden feature lush planting, with choice specimen trees and cheery under-planting.

The watering is provided by an automatic irrigation system, which saves valuable time for the busy homeowner. It also regulates water usage, conserving water and helping to cut water consumption by half with conventional watering.

Small gardens benefit from clever furniture choices. The right furniture can enhance a small garden space, making it appear bigger. In this small garden in Wimbledon, the handsome dark colour of the woven chairs and dining table was a very pleasing complement to the hardwood decking, emphasising the deep tones of the garden's colour scheme and heightening the visual contrast with the bright white rendered walls.

It has to be said that small garden design challenges are many. However, when properly addressed, they are truly rewarding. A small garden, which can be scoped entirely with one glance, is often a tight, focused composition that needs to be cohesive, with no wastage. Large gardens can be a collection of various compositions, with room to riff, as it were, but a small garden needs features that can do double-duty functionally and aesthetically. All considered elements then have to go together. This takes much thoughtful design, often best left to professionals to minimise costly mistakes. As experienced design and build professionals, the Garden Builders made it a strict point to consult closely with the client, from the design process to the construction phase, to create the outdoors environment in their imagination. We encourage active collaboration with the client, sounding out their ideas and opinions and ensuring that throughout the process the client has a comprehensive understanding and up-to-date information about all aspects of the build.

As garden designers working in Wimbledon, we are confident our professional design service meets and exceeds customer expectations. We conscientiously deliver a construction project within budget and on schedule, paying the closest attention to the smallest detail when it comes to materials and quality, structural integrity and finishing.