Small Gardens

Contemporary Chic Garden

Designed by Ben Molyneux & constructed by The Garden Builders

Contemporary Chic Garden

This multi-level, contemporary chic London garden offers a refreshingly stylish outdoor environment for relaxation. Immaculate limestone paving and newly built rendered walls brighten up a previously dark, unremarkable space, setting off the neat, slatted hardwood trellis perimeter fencing. The trellis affords greater privacy while adding a casual contemporary elegance to the garden. The two main terrace areas are decked with ipe hardwood, with a contrast limestone border. A smart feature in this section is a bespoke iroko bench with armrests. Space is maximised by building a storage cupboard in a quiet corner, cleverly accentuated with slatted cladding and powder-coated steel lid. A dynamic addition to the design is a slender water sculpture situated amidst the planting.

Construction of the garden posed a unique challenge . Recent property renovations closed off access for our team except through a tall, neighbouring wall. We had to construct access towers to get to the work area and transport materials and waste.

For a dramatic evening setting, clever LED lighting illuminated the garden's various levels while various spike spots softly lit up the lush planting.