Small Gardens Small City Garden Islington Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders
A stunning city garden featuring a lush living green wall, this project shows how vertical gardens can create dramatic impact and transform small, urban spaces into an engaging, immersive environment. Of a commanding height, all of 2.7 m., the green wall provides a striking backdrop and focal point to the scheme. The densely-packed and multi-toned foliage seemingly falls into the horizontal cedar cladding at the base, creating a visual break and smart contrast. The automated irrigation and feeding system for the vertical greenery is likewise in a cedar-clad utility box built into the wall. The L-shaped sofa, with its modern lines and slate tone, provides a keen contemporary edge to the design as well as ample seating and a space for relaxation and entertainment.

The planting selection for the living green wall is a lively combination of ferns, perennials and spurges.
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