Small Gardens

City Jacuzzi Garden

Designed by Fossey Arora Design & constructed by The Garden Builders

City Garden

This multi-levelled basement garden had an initial design by the house interior designer/architect. The Garden Builders collaborated on the final design scheme, with our extensive landscaping and horticultural expertise.

The environment necessitated close attention to natural lighting and drainage. The garden featured a Jacuzzi system that also incorporated the focal point stacked stone water wall. Natural stone and imported hardwoods were set off against each other to create texture in the hard surfaces.

The plants dressing up the various levels were chosen for their low maintenance, visual value and seasonal interest. For maintenance reduction, an artificial lawn took the place of a natural lawn. The planting scheme was linked to a simple slighting and irrigation system.

We were also commissioned to design and build a barbecue and fireplace feature, for cooking with coal and also for a steel slot for focal point fire gels.