Contemporary Gardens Large BBQ & Dining Area Designed by Kate Gould & constructed by The Garden Builders
A small town garden designed by Kate Gould Gardens and constructed by the Garden Builders - that was very overlooked and impossible to access from the back of the house as the land had been raised over time reaching up to the bottom sills of the basement windows.

A complete overhaul of the house was being undertaken with new bi-fold doors being installed at the back of the house so the built-up land was removed and the wall underpinned to allow the clients to enter the garden from the new basement kitchen area where the flooring material is used both inside and out. A garden for entertaining and relaxing mainly in the evenings and weekends meant that a large barbeque and dining area were required along with a place for a fireplace to relax around in the evenings. The clients tastes are modern and so lighting was important, using in-ground, spot up-lights and B-Lux floor mounted lights. The planting is intended to be evergreen with seasonal white blooms and with a view to easy maintenance.
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