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Garden Design Chelsea

Designed by Declan Buckley & constructed by The Garden Builders

Garden Designer Chelsea

This crisp and chic garden designed by Declan Buckley and constructed by The Garden Builders combines refinement with charming details. The vibrant composition of sleek lines and dainty elements transformed what was once an unremarkable space into a very sophisticated, modern garden.

The garden has a clean, bright look, mainly achieved by covering the flooring and steps with pristine white limestone. The walls were also rendered smooth and painted white. The slatted trellis added warmth to the scheme and contrasted beautifully with the white flooring and walls.

Chelsea Landscape Garden Designer

Colour contrast was also provided by the black planters, which elegantly set off the planting. They were, whenever possible, installed on shelves to allow better access between the multi-levels landscape design. The garden exuded an immaculately sculptured and manicured look with the positioning of neatly clipped box hedging plants.