Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary Design

Designed by Paul Dracott & constructed by The Garden Builders

Pool & Contemporary Landscaping

Dramatic and exciting, this contemporary design by Paul Draycott creates a maze of minimalist rooms, carving up the outdoor space into a sleekand enigmatic composition. The hard landscaping elements feature contrasting textures --large, rendered walls, metal screening and cedar decking. The centrepiece water wall, with its off-center stream falling into a ground level pool with a meshed safety screen, adds a theatrical dimension, conveying both stillness and movement. Architectural style plants provide striking counterpoints to the linear construction, and are boldly silhouetted at night against the walls by a fibre-optic colour-changing system.

This contemporary design by Paul Draycott created a series of rooms using hard landscaping throughout. It consisted of large rendered walls, metal screening, and cedar decking. The main focal point was a stunning water wall, which had a ground level pool with a meshed safety screen. The garden was planted throughout with architectural style plants creating a bold statement. Lighting added dramatic effects at night with a fibre-optic colour-changing light system.