Contemporary Gardens

Stunning Garden Design

Designed by Mark Ruthen Architects & constructed by The Garden Builders

Stunning Contemporary Garden London

The need to build a studio at the bottom of the garden meant that the brief for the outdoor space had to consider the view from the house to the studio and vice versa. On a practical level, the garden had to provide simple access or a walkway from the house to the studio. It was finally decided to create a scheme of 'rooms' through which the route passes. The unifying elements of the scheme would be the materials used and the areas of planting and water.

Seating areas were distinguished from the walkway to the studio by underfoot timber and stone. The timber walkway runs through the scheme, starting from the back of the main house, through to the cooking, dining and seating sections, going over the pond and finally resting on the studio's porch. A series of planting areas of varying levels dress up the route.

Boundary treatments utilised a variety of materials, including timber, render, painted render and a green wall by the sitting room of the main house. The colour scheme of the house and studio interiors mirrors the sections of painted render. This lent thematic cohesion of the garden and interiors, with the garden's 'rooms' acting as pit stops along the route of transition, while serving as functional areas for activities such as cooking, eating, lounging and various recreations by the edge of the pond. The resulting contemporary garden design, located on Park Road, was a design collaboration by Mark Ruthven, Rosie Winston and Clifton Interiors.