Family Gardens

Formal Contemporary Garden

Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders

Contemporary garden with formal planting

A smart, modern family garden accentuated by formal planting, with graceful hedges and topiary. The front garden features contemporary surfaces, such as sawn-finished paving with rounded-end steps, complementing the formal lawn and its corresponding stone edging. Neat box hedging adds structure to the scheme while a border of light-coloured, decorative pebbles with delightful topiary balls and lollipop standard trees, create interest and texture. Another focal point is the elegant armillary sphere to one side of the garden, which is beautifully set off by dramatic lighting at night.

The Garden Builders designed and installed a planting bed in the rear garden, highlighted by a cloud tree. Vari-sized decorative cobbles and lovely box spheres complete the elegant design. The walkways are smartly laid with resin-bonded gravel. Beautiful, strategic lighting enhances the entire scheme at night.